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Images of India: from couresans and colonial rule to a child's-eye view - in pictures

The Guardian showcased selected works from the exhibition. 

Read insights on each work from curator Nathaniel Gaskell.

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MAP's latest show traces the trajectory of Indian photography

"The idea was also to communicate the inherent problems in suggesting a canonical survey when the histories, especially colonial, are so complex. 'There is, of course, not one history of photography in India but multiple histories of photography more broadly in South Asia, and even these have always evolved, and continue to do so, in a constant dialogue with the histories of photography elsewhere in the world,' he [Nathaniel Gaskell, Exhibition Curator] says."

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Visions of India: photographic journey from the colonial to the contemporary

The South Asia Times article included comments from MGA's Senior Curator Pippa Milne and guest Shashi Kochhar plus a brief preview of the exhibition from the launch event on Saturday 18 December.

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Summer SmartArts on Triple RRR

Listen back to Triple R - 3RRR 102.7FM podcast, Summer SmartArts with Steph and Dan, to hear MGA Director Anouska Phizacklea discussing our major exhibition, Visions of India, and hear insights on how the exhibition came about and the themes explored in this diverse exhibition of Indian photography.

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A Rich Life

‘Visions of India: from the colonial to the contemporary’ is a major survey exhibition of photographic works, exploring India’s relationship with photography from the 1860s to now. Divided across three broad periods of time; the colonial, postcolonial, and contemporary, ‘Visions of India’ brings a range of cultural, social and political themes to the surface with a curated spread of over 170 photographs selected from the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP), Bengaluru. MAP is home to a rich archive of historical and contemporary Indian art and textiles and holds one of the most significant and celebrated collections of photographs that India has to offer.

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